Your College Roadmap

CUUB offers its students year-round support to help them remain college ready at every stage of their high school experience. CUUB students and families are encouraged to contact our offices if they have particular questions about their college planning processes, but in the meantime, through partnership with the American Indian College Fund, we offer our CUUB families some resources that can make the transition to college a much easier process.

Native Pathways College-Going Guidebook

Cover image of the American Indian College Fund's "Native Pathways" guidebok; comic book style image of a student with braids facing away from viewer / toward a rising sunFirst, students: be sure to visit this link to download your own Native Pathways College-Going Guidebook! 

No matter what stage of your college transition you're on, this guidebook will help you get your college-going questions answered (or even help you begin forming questions to ask about college)!

This guidebook is designed to be accessible, fun, and specifically tailored to Native high school students. CUUB uses this guide in its college prep classes during the summer, but whether you are a CUUB student or not, be sure to click on the link above to download your own copy and familiarize yourself with all of the other excellent resources and opportunities provided by the American Indian College Fund. 

High School Timelines

Have you ever found yourself asking what you ought to be doing right now to be in good college shape? The Guidebook above will definitely help you answer that question and more, but for a quick and effective overview of your high school to college transition, be sure to check out the following High School Timelines.

These timelines will provide students with a baseline for what they ought to be focusing on at key times in high school to put themselves in the best position possible for college acceptance.


 graduation cap with feather

Click on the links below to download a High School Timeline, courtesy of the American Indian College Fund's Native Pathways program.