How will you pay for college?

The idea of paying for college can be a scary one, that's why CUUB and its partners are committed to ensuring that all CUUB participants can enter the college of their choice feeling confident in their ability to finance their undergraduate experience.


Building your Financial Plan

The first step to financing your college dreams is to start planning now. Any college you apply to will have tools to help you estimate how much college might cost at their institution. We recommend using any resources they have (tuition calculators, financial aid experts, etc.) to help you anticipate these costs. But no matter where you go, it helps to be familiar with budgeting and financial planning. CUUB students can start budgeting right now by planning how they will save and spend their monthly stipends!

Thanks to one of our partners, Connie Jaime-Lujan from Colorado State University, you can download these very helpful Budgeting Spreadsheets to plan your college expenses (whether you choose to live off-campus or on-campus). As you begin to make your college selections, you can better forecast what your expenses will be, what your sources of income are, and when that income becomes available to you: 

Practicing Money Management

We know that thinking about your financial future may not be the most exciting thing in the world. But be sure to check out these games and activities; they are designed to help you practice financial planning while having fun!

  • Financial Soccer - Advance down the field and score by answering money management questions!
  • Financial Football - 3D graphics, audibles, blitzes, and more! Put your money management skills to the test.
  • - Role playing choice-driven game that askst you to make tough decisions!


American Indian College Fund - Financial Aid TV

In addition to the financial education that CUUB students receive during their summer Native Pathways courses, during the academic year through their OnTrack learning modules, and in other financial programming that CUUB offers year-round, we are always trying to find new accessible resources for our students. 

For starters, check out the American Indian College Fund's excellent tool: Financial Aid TV!

Financial Aid TV is full of incredibly useful information, presented in short & engaging videos. The College Fund Website is also full of useful resources and information, so be sure to familiarize yourself with their site!

Logo for Financial Aid TV (FATV)

College Horizons

College Horizons, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping American Indian, Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian students prepare for college, has put together this incredibly useful list of resources for you to check out! 

This list contains links to helpful financial aid tools, and much more!



Check back here soon for more Financial Aid resrources.