Individual Mentorship for the College Transition

CUUB recognizes that all of our students have unique paths to follow after they leave high school. For instance, not all of our students wish to pursue college immediately following their graduation. Although our program is designed to help all of our students achieve this next step, we know that forcing students to fit a mold for postsecondary life is never an effective method for achieving long-term happiness and a personally-defined picture of success. Assimilation is a strategy that we inherently oppose and attempt to undo with our programming, and CUUB knows that a personal approach is always best, wherever possible, for helping our students navigate their postsecondary paths. This is why we offer Senior Mentors for any CUUB student interested in the opportunity. 

CUUB Senior Mentors are educators and professionals who are interested in working with students one-on-one during their senior year to set themselevs up for success, specifically if that means that college attendance is on the horizon. Senior Mentors are able to offer services such as: helping students navigate the college selection, providing in-depth editing of student personal statements, assisting with completing scholarship applications, getting college questions answered, connecting students with admissions representatives, and more! Really, the services that a CUUB Senior Mentor provides will depend on the unique needs of the student in question. Senior Mentors are equipped to have conversations with students about all of their possible postsecondary avenues. The ultimate goal of the mentor-student relationships is to help students challenge themselves to be open to all of their possibilities, even pathways they would have never otherwise considered.

If you are a CUUB senior and would like a Senior Mentor, please respond to our email inviting you to take part in this program as soon as possible. If you did not receive this email, please contact the program immediately to be sure we have your correct contact info, or to request a password reset to your CUUB email account.


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