Survive and Thrive

At CU Upward Bound, students consistently work on building what we call Survive and Thrive Toolkits for postsecondary succcess. The idea is simple: it takes many resources, skills, concepts, and networks to survive and thrive in college, so our students will collect all of those tools in one place. Each year they are in the program, students will add new tools to their toolkits (ranging from useful websites, to college mentors, to financial literacy skills and more) in their Native Pathways courses. This way, when they step onto college campus for the first time, they will know that they are not alone and not without resources. 

College acceptance is only part of the battle; we are committed to seeing our students graduate from the college of their choice and receive a degree.  With this in mind, we have made our CU Upward Bound website a tool of its own for students to make full use of. The links and materials collected here are designed to help students stay on target for both college acceptance and college graduation.

Many of the resources here are made possible by CUUB's partnership with the American Indian College Fund and their Native Pathways to College program, as well as CUUB's affiliation with the Transition to College program from Families in Schools.

Be sure to visit the college fund's website for even more excellent college preparatory resources:

Learn more about the resources and engagement programs offered by Families in Schools at:

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