Admission to the CU Upward Bound Program is contingent upon the timely submission of the CUUB Application Packet (see below). This Application Packet takes into account factors like student grades, teacher recommendations, and student response in the form of short personal essays. But again, there is no minimum GPA requirement for our program, and eligible applicants should not make the mistake of thinking that CU Upward Bound is only for students who attain academic success easily.

The most important features of a strong CUUB applicant are:

  • Readiness to embrace challenges
  • A love of learning, or the desire to love learning
  • Dedication to self empowerment and improvement through communal involvement
  • Willingness to live the O.U.R F.I.R.E values both inside and outside the classroom

For these reasons, the most important parts of the CUUB Application Packet are the personal essays and teacher recommendations. Simply put: we want to work with students who genuinely want to be here.

All eligible students should consider applying to the CUUB Program! Students with an interest in postsecondary academic success are especially encouraged to apply. Preference is given to those students enrolled in the eight, ninth, and tenth grades. However, allowances are given to current juniors, depending on individual circumstances.

Students who are admitted into the program as rising freshmen and sophomores have the opportunity to participate in the Summer Academic Institute for three consecutive years, so we encourage students to apply early. Annually, there are approximately 30-35 positions to be filled due to spaces vacated by graduating seniors.


group of students at the front of the classroom all facing the camera with the blackboard behind them

How to Apply? Online Application or Mail-In Application Available! 

Students can apply through our Online Application. Once the online application is turned in, a member of the CUUB staff will contact you via email or mail. Click here to for the CUUB Online Application!

For a Mail-In application, download a CUUB Application Packet here, or request an Application Packet from the Upward Bound Site Coordinator located within your school or community. Mail completed applications to our office in advance of the deadline, or submit them to your site coordinator to send to us on your behalf.

Application Deadline for CUUB 2021: December 10, 2021

The University of Colorado at Boulder is an equal opportunity/affirmative action institution.