How to activate your OnTrack account

At the beginning of the school year, the CUUB Directors will visit target high schools to walk participants through the sign up process. However, it's easy sign up for OnTrack on your own:

  1. Before you begin, watch the video on the right of this page to get an idea of what OnTrack offers. Then, view this walkthrough video, which explains how to use OnTrack. Be sure to watch it carefully, as it is full of very vital information for the OnTrack platform (the CUUB Directors will play this video during the in-person walkthrough). 
  2. Now that you know how OnTrack works and how to sign up, go to the OnTrack Sign Up page and select the following: 

    -Under "Account Type," select Student.

    -Under "School," select CU-Boulder Upward Bound.

    -Under "Counselor," select Tanaya Winder as your counselorThat should be your only option, but if you see other names in the dropdown, just pick Hector.

    -Under "Access Code," enter: CUUB

    -Under "Basic Information," enter your first and last name.

    -Under "Email and Password," be sure to enter a working email address that you check regularly, and a password that you will easily remember. The email address will function as your username for OnTrack, so it is important that you use a working email address. Also, all OnTrack students will be eligible for national raffles and giveaways, so you'll want to make sure that this is an email account that you check regularly.

  3. Check the box indicating that you've agreed to OnTrack's Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, then click Sign Up. Follow all the remaining prompts for student information to the best of your ability (if you don't know your GPA, just estimate it).
  4. Complete the entrance survey, and be sure to complete the exit survey at the end of the year!  If you complete 100% of the video modules and complete all surveys, you will be eligible for an OnTrack College Scholarship! Check your email for updates from OnTrack, including links to the survey. Make sure you watch the videos and do the surveys so that you can have a shot at this money! If you skipped the survey and would like to do it, text the CUUB Directors through signalvine and they will send you a link. 


And that's it! You will now have full access to all of the OnTrack modules for your grade level!Once you've followed these steps, all you need to do from now on is log in with your OnTrack ID# (which is given to you when you create your account) and password to access your monthly homework assignments.

You'll see a series of white boxes on the main page of your OnTrack account: just hover over the box that corresponds to the video you need to watch, and follow the link to the module! Remember: make sure your Pop-Up blocker is not preventing you from seeing the video! Either disable your pop-up blocker or allow this page to use pop-ups in order to view the modules.