CUUB Academic Year Homework: OnTrack

OnTrack Overview

Each month, CUUB students must complete a total of four OnTrack learning modules, viewing the videos and completing the subsequent quizzes. 

The learning modules are designed to help students in grades 9-12 navigate high school and prepare for postsecondary success. As a CUUB student, you are free to watch any four videos you want per month. Try to stay on pace to watch more videos if you can, because if you finish all of the videos by the end of the school year, you will be eligible to apply for OnTrack scholarships valuing up to $10,000!

To learn how to activate your OnTrack account, click here for step-by-step instructions. 


 the tip of a pencil to the left of the word "OnTrack"

CUUB Monthly Stipend Policy

As a CUUB student, you will receive a monthly stipend of $20/month. In the past, this stipend depended on whether or not you completed the homework assignment for the month. But now, CUUB operates on an honor system, meaning you will get your stipend each month like clockwork, even if you fall behind a bit on your Academic Year expectations (doing your OnTrack videos & meeting with your site coordinator).

If we see that you haven't been viewing your videos or making time to meet with your Site Coordinator, we will reach out to you to make sure that you still want to remain a part of the program. But we understand that academic and non-academic responsibilities can make life very busy; CUUB has designed its Academic Year components to be very flexible, and the OnTrack homeworks are no exception. However, if a CUUB student consistently fails to complete their assignments or meet with their Site Coordinator, even after conference with the CUUB Directors, they may be placed on academic probation and thereby at risk for expulsion from the CUUB program.

That said: if it is too difficult for you to access OnTrack (whether that's because of technological limitations or simply because you don't like learning from videos), let the CUUB Directors know immediately and they will offer you alternate assignments.