About CUUB's Remote and In-Person Services

Because we are so far from the students we serve during the Academic Year, CUUB has developed strategies and formed partnerships that allow us to serve our participants remotely. Many of these services require our students to have internet access, but even when that isn't always available, we find ways to stay connected. Our Academic Year services currently include:

  • OnTrack video modules, which are designed to work in tandem with high school curricula to help students better manage their already difficult workloads. OnTrack provides grade-specific content for all participants, to help them understand what they need to do during their current academic year to stay college-ready.
  • Zoom Tutoring Sessions occur every Thursday and Sundays at 7 pm MT over zoom, during which time students can log on for personal assistance with homework or practice in a particular content area. 
  • Site Coordinators who offer the in-person guidance and mentorship that the CUUB program cannot do during the Academic Year.
  • Signalvine text messaging to remind students of important deadlines, offer encouragement, and get questions answered as quickly as possible.
  • Community Workshops on topics that are of most interest to the communities we are visiting, including but not limited to: personal statement writing, financial literacy, preparing for college culture shock, and more. 
  • Virtual Advising/Instruction Sessions occur every Tuesday at 7 pm  MT, during which time students log on to zoom to recieve adivsing or instrution based on specific topics to supplement their secondary education or prepare students for college application processes. 

Furthermore, the CUUB website itself serves as a resource for our participants, especially those in their senior year. Check out or CUUB Toolkit page for resources including helpful Senior Calendars, Senior Mentors, Scholarship links and lists, and more!

CUUB Student Academic Year Participation

The only time we are able to bring the majority of our program participants together for consistent, in-person college prep is during the six-picture of student standing between two painted wings (mural) with word "Rise" above himweek long Summer Academic Institute, but the only way we have an effective summer is by preparing each step of the way during the Academic Year. It is critical that we stay in touch with program participants during the year, and that they are fully aware of the resources that CUUB provides. Keeping in mind that one of our O.U.R. F.I.R.E Values is Familial, we want participants to know that they are part of the CUUB Family all year long.

In order to stay connected with the program, and to prepare for a positive and effective summer experience, all CUUB Participants receive a CUUB Student Handbook upon their acceptance into the program. This handbook details exactly what is required of all CUUB Program participants, but during the Academic Year it is important to keep in mind that participants must stay active with the program. That means students must:

  • Meet with their Site Coordinators 2-4 times per month 
  • Stay in good communication with the CUUB Program through platforms like SignalVine
  • Attend CUUB Site Visits in their area or at their schools whenever possible, and
  • Represent the CUUB Program's O.U.R F.I.R.E Values all year long to help our program grow and become even stronger

Simply put, the program does not stop when the Summer Academic Institute ends, and CUUB is dedicated to helping students feel confident in high school and ready for their next step on their unique path to postsecondary success.