Remote and In-Person Services

CU Upward Bound serves its students remotely throughout the academic year primarily by providing them with online learning modules through OnTrack. These modules comprise the monthly homework assignments for CUUB participants, and are designed to work in tandem with high school curricula to help students better manage their already difficult workloads, rather than merely adding additional work. For more information about the CUUB monthly homework assignments, follow the Homework link on the right.

Students who complete the required homework assignments in a satisfactory and timely manner will receive a monthly stipend of $20.00. Students who fail to complete their assignments risk being palced on academic probation or ultimately losing their place in the program.

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In addition to the OnTrack learning modules, the CUUB program provides students with support and mentorship, postsecondary resources including scholarship opportunities, and online tutoring upon request and availability. These services are provided remotely, but the CUUB program Directors also conduct two site visits to each target community per semester. The CUUB Directors make these visits for recruitment purposes in the fall and to orient new students to the program in the spring, but they also provide in-person workshops on an array of topics (including college personal statement writing, financial literacy, student empowerment, etc.), depending on the unique needs of each target community.


The Role of Site Coordinators

Because CUUB works with distant high schools and therefore cannot serve its students in person throughout the academic year on a consistent basis, each target community, a site coordinator serves as a liaison between the target schools and the CUUB program. The site coordinator is the person best able to identify eligible, talented students who can benefit from the program. Site coordinators serve as the primary contact and resource for all program participants during the academic year, assisting students with the application process and ensuring that they gather all required materials for the program. Additional site coordinator responsibilities include:

  • Recruiting new eligible students and helping them with the CUUB application process
  • Administering student Needs Assessments for CUUB Program efficacy
  • Promoting and increasing awareness of the CUUB programs within the community
  • Helping students with their OnTrack homework assignment completion
  • Conducting meetings on a weekly basis regarding high school academic progress, college/career counseling, and more
  • Sending accademic transcripts of each participant to the CUUB office bi-annually
  • Assisting students, when necessary, with travel arrangements to/from the CUUB summer academic institute
  • Maintaining effective communication between the student, student's families and CUUB program's staff


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