The Legislative Council is divided into two houses: the Council of Colleges and the Representative Council. Both houses meet weekly in a combined public Legislative Council, in addition to house-specific meetings throughout the week

There are nine Representatives-at-Large in the Representative Council; four are elected in the fall election and five are elected in the spring. Students from any college at CU Boulder, undergraduate or graduate, are eligible to run for a Representative-at-Large position.

The Council of Colleges (CCS) consists of a (1) Senator or (2) Co-Senators from each college, totaling one vote per college. Senators are elected annually from the College of Arts and Sciences, Leeds School of Business, School of Education, College of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Graduate School, School of Law, College of Music, Program in Environmental Design, and Journalism and Mass Communication Program.

The Legislative Council President and Vice Presidents, elected internally, preside over all Legislative Council meetings. In accordance with the bylaws and the constitution, the responsibilities of Legislative Council consist of the following:

  • Appoint, ratify, remove, and de-ratify Joint Board members and Representative Council appointments to the Joint Boards
  • Allocate money to student groups
  • Initiate referendum, initiate policies, review student fee budgets, and establish priorities for the Joint Boards
  • The Legislative council can override an Executive veto by 2/3 vote of the entire Council.