Certified and Final Election Results

Results by Question

Should the CU Student Government Constitution be amended to: change thresholds for ballot measure passage from a percentage of total votes cast for the question to a percentage of total ballots cast; in addition to updating the formatting, grammar and anti-discrimination clauses?

Total voters: 30,032

Choice Votes Percentage
For 2,526 81
Against 601 19

CU Student Government Executives

Total Voters: 30,032

Choice Votes Percentage
Lauren Goldfarb, Owen Mclaughlin, Jared Moya (New Wave) 1,139 32
Troy Fossett, Betsy Sabala, Carter Gruba (Empower) 2,375 68

CU Student Government Representative-at-Large

Total Voters: 30,032

Choice Votes Percentage
Kiki Ketema (New Wave) 1,069 9
Rafi Rahman (New Wave) 931 8
Luis Chavez (New Wave) 894 8
Ye Ji Choi (New Wave) 1,027 9
Niklaus Levy (Empower) 1,862 16
Todd Conklin Jr. (Empower) 1,921 16
Joshua Cunningham (Empower) 1,960 17
Ryder Sheifele (Empower) 2,034 17

Post Election Reports

After hearing complaints, adjudicating responsibility and reviewing finance reports, the Election Commission is releasing our findings and the campaign financial reports as dictated in Section 1003(a) of the Election Code

Infraction Hearing Results

New Wave Expenditure Report

Empower Expenditure Report

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Due to the nature of this election, each candidate has been elected to serve as Representative-at-Large. Below are the election results by votes and percentage of the vote. A total of 530 ballots were cast.

Choice Votes %
Jesse Niebaum, Independent 265 23
Lucas Larson (UNITE) 251 22
Austin Rugh (UNITE) 239 21
Carter Mateer, Independent 198 17
Aidan Goldstein, Independent 197 17
I feel that no candidate is qualified and I wish to cast my ballot in favor of no candidate 38