CU student with Mesa Verde Visitor

Education Programs at Mesa Verde

Mesa Verde is known for its incredible cliff dwellings and ancient human histories, but it is also a fascinating place to observe a unique living landscape. This summer, through a collaboration between the University of Colorado Museum of Natural History and Mesa Verde National Park, visitors to the park can engage with hands-on education activities that will highlight how plants, animals, people, and the land are all interconnected.

For select dates between May 23rd – June 9th, meet the University of Colorado Museum of Natural History’s team of Community Educators, undergraduate students who represent over 10 areas of study, but all have one thing in common: a passion to help visitors connect with Mesa Verde’s incredible natural environment. Through hands-on activities, you can make your own discoveries about plants and animals, and learn about the biological research that scientists from Mesa Verde and CU Boulder are conducting in the park. Visitors will be invited to make up-close observations of natural objects, play with interactive learning tools and games, and explore the park like a naturalist.

These free activities are open to visitors of all ages at the Visitor Research Center, which can be found just outside Mesa Verde National Park’s fee entrance. On certain days, activities can also be found around the Chapin Mesa Archaeological Museum.

Questions about this program can be directed to Rebecca Coon at