Zoya Popovic

Microwave Technology

June 5, 2017

THROUGHOUT HER CAREER, ZOYA POPOVIC'S RADIO FREQUENCY (RF) and microwave engineering research has been focused on communications and defense, with projects for organizations including NASA and the Navy, and companies like Boeing. The distinguished professor of electrical, computer and energy engineering designed a system that would use far-field beaming to...

Tiny gadget

Mighty Device

May 8, 2017

Tiny gadget captures every whoosh, thump and gurgle inside the body It looks like a small Band-Aid, but it’s powerful enough to allow a doctor to monitor the heart rate of a patient remotely or to enable someone to control a robot with voice commands. The “tiny, wearable stethoscope” was...

close up of micro chip

The Light Stuff

April 18, 2016

Computing speed takes a giant leap forward thanks to a new photonics-based microchip When it came to building a better microchip, Miloš Popovic and his fellow researchers turned to an unusual, but powerful, ally: light. The groundbreaking result, which debuted in 2015 after nearly ten years of development, is the...