computer science faculty

Computer Science Surge

June 7, 2017

COMPUTER SCIENCE IS BOOMING IN BOULDER. In the fall of 2010, there were 267 undergraduate computer science majors. Four years later, there were 909, including the new Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science degree. To keep up with the tsunami of new students, talented faculty are being recruited from across...

Dan Szafir

Getting to Know Your Robot

May 10, 2017

Computer scientist envisions a world where robots have that human touch Just mention the words “drone” or “robot” and some will conjure unsettling visions of a future in which computers threaten to take over the world. Dan Szafir, a professor in the Department of Computer Science and ATLAS Institute, envisions...

Suzie Gomez-Burgos

Using Her Powers for Good

May 8, 2017

Susie Gomez-Burgos inspires the next generation of engineers Outside of the silver screen, heroes don’t wear capes and leap tall buildings in a single bound. Instead, they’re everyday people doing extraordinary things with little fanfare. Take Susie Gomez-Burgos, a senior in the College of Engineering and Applied Science, majoring in...

Ninja Car group

A Car with Imagination

May 5, 2017

'Ninja Car' autonomous technology has potential for space exploration Self-driving cars may be in their infancy, but they’re already better drivers than humans in many ways, says Chris Heckman, an assistant professor in the Department of Computer Science. They don’t become overconfident, they are always focused and they’re much better...

iphone conversation close up

Researchers Tackle Cyberbullying

April 5, 2016

For many teens, cruel digital messages are a disturbing part of their daily social experience. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 15 percent of high school students were cyberbullied in the past year, and more than 55 percent of LGBT students experienced cyberbullying. Unlike face-to-face bullying,...