Published: Oct. 25, 2019

Alumni event puts spotlight on cybersecurity

Guest at the California's Bay Area cybersecurity meeting 

The college held its first Leading With Impact alumni speaker series events this spring in California’s Bay Area, focusing on a hot topic: cybersecurity.

“There is a lot of energy in that field here at the college right now because of the newly reorganized and named Technology, Cybersecurity and Policy program,” said Kevin Lobdell, the college’s director of alumni engagement. “This event tapped into that, showing the interdisciplinary nature of the work and showcasing how the college is leading in many ways.”

Lobdell’s team organized the event, which brought together alumni, faculty, staff and friends over the course of two evenings in Palo Alto and San Francisco in June. While there were built-in networking opportunities, the event featured a panel discussion on how CU Boulder researchers are anticipating and preventing cybersecurity risks, and how the TCP program is addressing a shortage in the cybersecurity workforce. 

Panel speakers included TCP Program Director Dan Massey, incoming computer science Associate Professor Nolen Scaife, and Colorado Computer Science Teachers Association President Bobbie Bastian.

Manasa Suresh, a 2019 graduate of the TCP program, said she really enjoyed the event.

“It was a great opportunity to meet folks who are experts in the field of networking and security,” she said.

Lobdell said the college will host other Leading With Impact events with different themes in the coming year. While locations are still being confirmed, one likely location is Denver.

“There are lots of alumni watch parties for games, but this is an educational way to complement and share the impact the college is having in the world right now and build connections between alumni,” he said.

Candid photos of guests at the cybersecurity meeting