Published: Oct. 18, 2019

Trevor Stanley, Chris Coffey, Will Shand, Cory Cranford, Gerano Montoya

From left: Trevor Stanley, Chris Coffey, Will Shand, Cory Cranford and Gerano Montoya.

CU Boulder was among only six universities invited to present an innovative network security concept in June as part of Starts H4D, a pitch competition for cutting-edge national security solutions.

The group presented at Founders Fund, a leading venture capital firm in San Francisco, alongside teams from Stanford, the University of Southern California and Duke on projects including image recognition of drones, GPS jammer detection, innovative learning platforms and IoT security.

The CU Boulder team included computer science graduate student Trevor Stanley, Leeds School of Business student Chris Coffey, applied mathematics master’s student Will Shand, Technology, Cybersecurity and Policy program master’s student Cory Cranford, and mechanical engineering master’s student Gerano Montoya.

Their team, CharIoT (Characterizing the Internet of Things), developed a new machine learning approach for identifying different kinds of internet-enabled devices on a network.