Published: April 22, 2019

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CU Engineering now offers a global aerospace engineering degree track, allowing students to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in aerospace engineering, minor in computer science, study abroad experience and co-op work experience in just five years.

The innovative new track provides students with the education and experience they need to be even more competitive in the aerospace job market, while also providing value for students and their families.

Students spend the first two-and-a-half years following the regular progression of aerospace courses and taking foundational courses in the computer science minor. In their third year, they will apply to a study abroad program with a strong basis in computer science. Currently, pre-approved study abroad programs in computer science are offered at nearly two dozen highly regarded universities in 13 countries.

While abroad in fall of their fourth year, students will continue working toward the computer science minor and take humanities and social science courses, while also applying for co-ops. When they return stateside, students will work alongside professionals through the spring and summer, earning valuable real-world experience and, 
in many cases, competitive wages. They’ll return to campus in fall for their fifth and final year of aerospace engineering courses.