Published: June 5, 2017

Stephanie Herriage (ArchEngr ’14) from  Palos Verdes, California, and James de la Garza (ArchEngr ’15) from San Antonio, Texas, are Ralphie Handlers. Ralphie and her handlers kick off football, lacrosse and soccer games to the excited cheers of Buffs fans.

Choosing CU-Boulder for her engineering degree was an easy decision for Stephanie Herriage. With a father who is a mechanical engineering alumnus, plus CU-Boulder’s academics, Ralphie, beautiful campus and friendly people, Stephanie says that no other school could hold a candle to CU. She credits the many talks she had with Professors Matt Morris and Gregor Henze in helping her focus on what courses to take, her career and engineering in general. After graduating in December 2014, Stephanie went to work as a project engineer for Southland Industries Engineering and is currently working on the Cleveland Clinic Cancer Building. With the foundation of knowledge the College of Engineering laid for her, Stephanie began her first week on the job confidently giving valuable feedback in a meeting that saved the job, the clients and the team time and money.

A design/build project class this semester, partnered with the YMCA of the Rockies, reaffirmed James (JJ) de la Garza’s interest in construction management. For this project, JJ worked with another construction engineering management student to communicate with a large group of architecture students in order to produce designs for cabins and a community building that will be built at YMCA’s Snow Mountain Ranch. After he graduates this spring, JJ plans to jump-start his career as a project engineer with Shaw Construction. The College of Engineering has taught him time management, handling heavy workloads and strict deadlines, which require strong organizational skills, a diligent work ethic and how to work in teams effectively and take on leadership roles—all skills he will apply toward his career in construction.