Published: April 4, 2016

Chevron's Cynthia Murphy and Mike Wirth cut a "ribbon" during the naming of the Chemical and Biological Chevron Lab. “Chevron is very proud to be a partner with CU-Boulder to provide these labs, which link hands-on experience with real-world engineering experience for the students.”  Cynthia Murphy, Chevron’s university partnership program manager

CU Engineering has strong associations with the business community, as demonstrated by two undergraduate labs that are made possible with generous support from Chevron Corporation.

The Chevron Chemical Engineering Teaching Lab is located in the Jennie Smoly Caruthers Biotechnology Building on CU-Boulder’s East Campus, while the Chevron Mechanical Engineering Design Studio is in the Idea Forge on the main campus.

“These labs exemplify the highly successful collaboration between engineering and this corporate partner,” says Melinda Seevers, senior director of corporate and foundation relations. “Chevron is very supportive of student success and retention. They are interested in talented engineers and hire many of our students.”

The Chevron Mechanical Engineering Design Studio showcases the creativity, ingenuity and technical competence of mechanical engineering seniors, as well as the entrepreneurial, multidisciplinary teams who use the space during the summer. The lab promotes peer-to-peer collaboration among students from a wide range of industries.

The Chevron Chemical Engineering Teaching Laboratory facilitates chemical and biological engineering students’ lab course work, ongoing laboratory projects and general learning opportunities.

Both labs were dedicated in early 2015 with unique “ribbon cutting” ceremonies. The chemical engineering teaching lab was dedicated by shattering tubing frozen with liquid nitrogen, while the mechanical engineering design studio’s ceremony used a Sawzall to cut a piece of wood painted in Chevron colors of red, white and blue.

An event acknowledging Chevron’s partnership was held January 27 during the men’s basketball game with Stanford University.