Nicole Civita
Masters of the Environment Graduate Program, ENVS
ENVM 6100: Masters of the Environment Clinic for Sustainable Solutions

The MENV Clinic provides opportunities for students to perform service-work, gain real-world experience, and apply newly developed skills while simultaneously creating a positive and lasting impact on communities with critical and unmet needs for sustainability planning, research, and consulting guidance. In Fall 2019, the clinic’s project will focus on sustainability planning and management, food systems and policy. In subsequent semesters, we expect additional foci to include renewable and sustainable energy, land-management, cooperative business development and the cultivation of impact investment. Students will have ample opportunity to interact directly with our community partner organization ENGAGE Delta County (ENGAGE) and its constituents as they develop innovative, actionable recommendations. Probable activities include: Community Engagement & Stakeholder Interviews; Values Elicitation Exercises; System Mapping; Needs Assessment & Prioritization; Progress Reporting; Solutions Generation; Development of a Written Proposal; Community Presentation; and Critical Reflection.