Pi Lambda Chi

Pi Lambda Chi, Latina Sorority
Preserving Latina Culture

Who we are and what we do

Our mission is to create a strong sisterhood and education support network for women on college campuses through an emphasis in teaching Latino culture and history, as well as promote education in the Latino community. We uphold this mission through various activities on campus and in the community. Sisters are involved in things such as a mentoring program for Latina middle school girls, Semana de la Xicana, a celebration of week long events of speakers and artists to promote awareness of issues affecting the Latino community, the National Hispanic Leadership Conference held in Chicago, Illinois, La Raza Youth Conference, the statewide AIDS Walk held in Denver CO, Project Angel Heart, and other things such as study groups and social gatherings.

History on a national level

Sisterhood, education, unity and the preservation of Latina culture were all reasons why Pi Lambda Chi was founded at the University of Colorado at Boulder on March 5, 1994. The initial group began in the Spring of 1993 in Boulder, Colorado with five students: Tamara Acevedo, Maria Castro, Dezi Gutierrez, Estella Juarez and Jennifer Rodriguez. These women met with a Latina sorority already established in hopes to open a chapter in Boulder and in the Fall of 1993 formed an interest group that expanded to include Lorraine Atencio, Ramona Bash, Jessica Bauernfeind, Sandra Cano, Carmen Estrada, Regina Longoria, Christine Olivas, Helen Richardson, and Tanya Vigil.

Some women believed Pi Lambda Chi would be founded to build a support system to help overcome the obstacles Latina women must overcome in higher education and in life. Others envisioned it as the beginning of the Latina contribution to the ethnic Greek system already in place. Some saw it as an academic support network, while still others saw it as an opportunity to unite Latinas on campus and help promote education in the Latino community.

An important aspect of Pi Lambda Chi's ideology is that ANY woman of ANY ethnic group is welcome to share in the experience of being a Lambda. At no time, do we wish to close the doors of opportunity to anyone as doors have all too often been closed to them. Any Latina or any woman interested in Latina culture is welcome to join the pledge line.

Chapter level

With the Alpha Chapter started in Boulder, CO, we have expanded to Denver, Colorado (Beta Chapter), Colorado State University in Ft. Collins, Colorado (Delta Chapter), University of Denver (Epsilon Chapter), Rhode Island (Gamma Chapter), and the University of Northern Colorado (Zeta Chapter).

Membership info

Eligibility for membership is as follows:

  1. Cannot be in the last semester prior to graduation and must be active the following semester.
  2. Must have at least a 2.0 GPA in the prior semester or be in the first semester of course work.
  3. Must be enrolled full or part-time at an accredited four-year institution of higher education.
  4. Cannot be a member of another sorority.
  5. Any eligible interest must complete the PLC pledge process prior to membership.

Contact info

Any additional information please contact plclpha@colorado.edu


Fact Sheet

Date Founded: March 5, 1994
Location: University of Colorado Boulder
Colors: Forest Green and Gold
Number of Chapters: 6
Flower: Alpine Forget-Me-Not 
Mascot: Quetzal
Motto: "Preserving Latina Culture
Nickname: PLC, Golden Chis, G-Chis