Transitioning to college can be challenging, especially as a first generation college student. University culture can be mystifying and the abundance of academic and social opportunities can be overwhelming. With so many resources and opportunities available at CU, how do you find the right ones to help you achieve? The CUE and First Generation Grant is here to help!

We work with each First Generation grant recipient to explore their personal pathways for success and maximize their college experience through a host of important opportunities, resources, and connections.

Many of our staff were first generation students themselves. We are well- equipped and eager to provide advice and assistance as you adjust to university life, discover and pursue your passions, and lay a foundation for the future you desire.

How do I participate?

Eligible students are welcomed into the program upon confirmation to CU and given assistance through to graduation. For more information on eligibility, please visit:

First Generation recipients must fulfill program requirements, which are designed to foster academic excellence, personal growth, career exploration/preparation, and community. This includes active participation in a variety of skills, social, and strategy-building opportunities. These requirements are different starting Fall 2017 than years prior. Below are the most updated details about the grant.

Here are some of the services available to you as an FG recipient:

  • Personalized advising and assistance throughout your college adventure via student initiated one-on-one meetings with CUE staff members
  • Opportunities to connect with other first generation students
  • Referrals to low or no-cost tutoring
  • All CUE Center resources


Note: The FG Grant has no requirements academic year 2017-2018. Students will no longer see the D2L tab for the grant as a result. Please keep a look out for emails from our director, Dr. Tawanda Owens, regarding the First Generation Grant.