We asked for your input, and you responded by the hundreds. We want to take this opportunity to thank the citizens and CU affiliates who participated in the May 2017 CU Boulder South survey.

A total of 769 people responded to our open, anonymous survey, with 76 percent residing in the city of Boulder, 14 percent in other areas of Boulder County and 10 percent in communities outside the county.

The survey’s purpose was to add to the information the university has already collected through various public forums open to city of Boulder and Boulder County residents and to give CU Boulder affiliates who could not attend those meetings—students, faculty and staff—opportunities to share their opinions, too.

Your feedback will help inform how the university can collaborate better with the city and members of the community to develop CU Boulder South to meet current and future needs, and we thank you.

Results: Your priorities and concerns

Based on the open-ended comments we received in the survey and what we have heard during public forums, we know that many residents who live downstream of the property, and have suffered the effects of severe flooding in the past, are most concerned about flood mitigation.

Many residents believe additional information is needed on the Option D flood mitigation plan proposed by the city and whether there may be new potential flooding impacts due to development of the site. CU Boulder is committed to collaborating closely with the city, county and its residents on flooding impacts and flood mitigation solutions.

Other respondents expressed an interest in the development of the CU Boulder South site to meet the housing needs of upperclassmen and graduate students, faculty and staff, as long as the plan calls for low-impact development that does not block views, maintains open space and does not compromise the area’s residential feel.

Nearby residents said they moved to Boulder to be closer to nature and because they value the preservation of open space, trails, wildlife habitats and wetlands and want to maintain off-leash, dog-friendly places as well. Traffic, air quality, pedestrian and cyclist safety, and parking were other concerns expressed by respondents, who want to avoid further congestion on Table Mesa and Broadway, and suggested the CU Boulder South plan include bus-only routes, thoughtful trail and street connections, and multimodal options. Some pointed out that any development would compromise the natural beauty of the site and create noise and light pollution.

Finally, we received input from people most interested in ensuring the site will continue to offer opportunities to host recreational and athletic activities, and even expand them to include baseball, softball and frisbee golf, or put a greater focus on solar energy and other renewable energy technologies.

CU Boulder respects all these concerns and believes all can be addressed in whole or in part. We look forward to working with the city, county residents and our affiliates to come up with a final plan that will honor and respect the spirit of our community.