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Technology Community has been incorporated into Colorado Business Review published by Business Research Division. 
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Technology Community was published bi-monthly from 1995 to 2004as a cooperative venture of Colorado organizations involved in commercialization of new inventions, products and technologies. Sponsors & Editorial Board Members included the CU Business Advancement Center - Karen Eye and Tara McCarthy the Technology Transfer Society, Colorado Chapter - Mike Jude the Rockies Venture Club - Jerry Comer, the Red Rocks SBDC - Jayne Reiter,  the Colorado Photonics Industry Association -Silva Mioc, University of Colorado Office of Technology Transfer- David Allen and the Colorado Environmental Business Alliance - Bud McGrath


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January 2004 ITU Ventures Invest in Colorado Companies with University-Developed Technologies


November 2003 Brookings Looks at TBED Outside the Techpoles


September 2003 The Nanotechnology Market


July 2003 Patent Valuations


May 2003 The Impact of the U.S. Department of Commerce Federal Laboratories on the City and County of Boulder


March 2003 Are International Sales Included in Your Business Strategy for the New Year?


January 2003 Federal Laboratory Technology Transfer



November 2002 Colorado Photonics Industry Analysis


September 2002 Countering Terrorism with Technology


July 2002 How to Market R&D


May 2002 A Rich Vision of Technology Transfer


March 2002 Life Engineer: Refining the Human Machine


January 2002 How NREL Fosters Entrepreneurial Efforts in Clean Energy 



November 2001 DOE Lab Have Fewer Industry Partnerships & Rely More on Private Funding


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