Executive Summary

The Colorado photonics industry is experiencing accelerating growth in terms of the size and number of companies. From 1965 to 1979 the size of this industry in Colorado increased by an average of slightly more than 2 organizations per year. From 1979 through 1994, the state's photonics industry increased by slightly less than 7 organizations per year. From 1995 to the date of this publication, the industry has grown at a rate of almost 10 organizations per year.

It is estimated that the organizations listed in this directory will employ approximately 37,250 employees in Colorado during 2000. Approximately 7,100 of these employees are required to have some knowledge of photonics.

A conservative projection of total annual sales for the 159 organizations with annual sales less than $100 million each is $1.5 billion. Total industry sales would be between $5.5 and $10.5 billion if the organizations with sales greater than $100 million were included. The estimated sales of $1.5 billion equates to about $272,850 in annual sales per employee.

The primary products and services offered by the organizations are research and development, technical consulting, optical components and prototype development, detectors and sensors, optoelectronic devices, and software development. These products are sold primarily in a global market.

The top primary applications for the organizations' products and services are the aerospace industry, measuring instruments, medical equipment, laboratory research, telecommunications, and environmental monitoring equipment. Other industries include defense, communications equipment, computers, and automotive products.

More than half of the photonics organizations are located in Boulder County, with the second highest concentration in the Denver Metro area. All areas of the state have experienced strong rates of growth in the past two years.

The extent to which the Colorado photonics industry grows may well be a result of the manner in which photonics organizations work together to:

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