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CU-Business Advancement Center Environmental (CU-BAC) is partnering with the Colorado Environmental Business Alliance and the Rockies Venture Club to host an investment forum for environmental businesses seeking capital. The event will be conducted at the regular Rockies Venture Club meeting on January 8, 2002.

Four environmental businesses will be selected to present and exhibit to an audience of entrepreneurs, service providers, and most importantly, socially responsible investors and other financing sources.

Interested businesses should submit two copies of their business plan/financial presentation package no later than October 15th to:

5353 Manhattan Circle, Suite 202
Boulder, Colorado 80303
Attention: Bud McGrath

For additional information call Bud at 303/554-9493 X14 or e-mail -


The University of  Colorado Business Advancement Center (CU-BAC) Environmental and the  Colorado Environmental Business Alliance (CEBA) have teamed up to offer business assistance services specifically for the environmental industry.  Services are designed to accelerate the creation, performance or expansion of environmental companies. These services were previously offered through Recycling Development Incubator funded by the EPA and Eco-Cycle to help in the creation of new businesses and to help existing businesses that are environmentally friendly within Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, North Dakota, and South Dakota.

CU-BAC Environmental during its inception as RDI was responsible for the creation of 53 jobs, the investment of $1.83 million into recycling companies, the development of 5, 832 additional tons of capacity for recycled materials, and the actual use of 2, 883 tons of secondary material. 

We are committed to providing environmentally friendly businesses with the critical assistance necessary to create and maintain high profits. 



Business Planning Solutions
With our team of partners we can assist and strengthen your company's business plan, operations practices and marketing strategies. Part of our practice is to analyze your business's weaknesses, propose a solution , and put you in touch with experts that will nurture the change your business needs. 

CU-BAC Environmental offers services for all levels of your business planning. We offer many services for no cost or reduced cost.  

Level I Services:
You have an idea, concept, or product but no business plan.

We offer the following:

Level II Services:
You have a business plan and operations, but weaknesses in the plan and in the business itself limiting your access to bank or other financing.

We offer the following:

  1. We will assess the quality of the business plan and financial data via use of outside consultants who prepare notes and recommendations for no cost.

  2. You can meet with consultants for up to two hours at no cost to review the recommendations, market strategy, market viability, and pricing options with outside consultants

  3. CU-BAC Environmental reviews the consultant recommendations with the client and relates a work plan for the implementing corrective action. 

  4. Implement the work plan utilizing the CU-BAC Environmental staff and outside consultants as necessary

Level III Services:
You have a good business plan and track record, but cannot get a bank loan due to insufficient collateral, personal equity, lack of operating history, or a variety of reasons.

We offer the following:




Please check back soon for updates.


Please check back soon for updates.

Bud McGrath, CU-BAC Environmental


For questions regarding CU-BAC or how CU-BAC can help your environmentally friendly business please contact Bud McGrath at the University of Colorado Business Advancement Center Environmental at 303-554-9493 at extension 14.

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