2000 State Fair Exhibit
Technologies for a Sustainable Future

From August 19 to September 4 of 2000, CU-BAC, other exhibitors, planners, and volunteers presented "Technologies for a Sustainable Future," an exhibit filling 80 feet of a glass display case space at the Colorado State Fair, in Pueblo, Colorado. This exhibit showcased pollution prevention activities, and new environmental technologies, products and information.

The exhibit was produced and coordinated by CU-BAC and sponsored by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, the exhibit was produced and coordinated by Pollution Prevention Advisory Board.

For 17 days various volunteers welcomed some 10,000 visitors to the Natural Resources building on the state fair grounds to view 13 different exhibits, read close to one hundred environmental flip tips, sign up for a free Samsonite Swirl suitcase, which is made out of recycled plastic, and to spin the "wheel" to test their pollution prevention knowledge.

Listed below are all of the exhibitors and members of the planning team. 

Planning and Exhibit Organizers: 

Colorado Environmental Business Alliance
Colorado Renewable Energy Society
Colorado Water Protection Project/League of Women Voters of Colorado Education Fund
Recycling Development Incubator
Clean Air Colorado
Colorado State University
Cooperative Extension Service
Colorado School of Mines, Colorado Advanced Material Institute
Planetary Solutions
Corn Growers Association
Coleman Natural Beef
Great Plains Oil
Northern Colorado Water District
Colorado Pollution Prevention Program


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Pollution Prevention Renewable Energy/Solar Wind
Consumer Home Choices Natural Building Material
Organic meats Recycled Tire Research/Reuse
Samsonite Motor Oil from Sunflower Seeds
Products from Recycled Material Products Made From Corn
Water Pollution and Conservation Advanced Vehicles



Pollution Prevention--It's Your Choice

This display highlighted that pollution prevention, or P2, is something that all of us can do at home, at work, at play and on the road. We all make choices in our daily lives and some of those choices can be made to benefit the environment and ourselves. The Colorado Pollution Prevention Program, a part of the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment set up this display not only to promote better environmental choices but also to inform the public that this program provides services to assist Colorado companies in choosing cleaner production practices.


Consumer Home Choices

This display prepared by the Pueblo Master Gardeners of CSU Cooperative Extension, provided information on how individuals can save money and prevent pollution by composting and making cleansers from common natural ingredients.


Organic Meats

Coleman Natural Beef Company, out of Boulder, Colorado, exhibited the many benefits of buying organic foods. Organic beef is that which is taken from cattle that were not injected with any hormones or antibiotics. Being organic means that no pesticides or chemicals were used on the cattle's feed or grass nor were any chemicals or injections used.


Samsonite Suicase

Samsonite Worldproof donated both of these suitcases to the exhibit. At the end of the fair CU-BAC drew two winners out of thousands to receive the suitcases. "The swirl design is the result of an environmentally friendly manufacturing proccess.The swirl occurs when additional steps are taken to reduce air emissions and plastic waste."



Recycling Business Development

The Recycling Development Incubator in coordination with Amazing Recycled Products Inc., Hard Copy Recycling, Westword and the City of Fort Collins Natural Resources Department designed this display out of recycled products. These products included a recycled computer clock and a book cover just to name a few. This exhibit presents the many ways that we as consumers can reuse our used electronics and other products.


"We All Live Downstream"

The Colorado Water Protection Project and the League of Women Voters designed and displayed the Water Pollution & Conservation exhibit. This exhibit emphasized the fact that we all live downstream from each other, so whatever pollutants we create someone else endures. We are all impacted by water pollution.
The exhibit included photographs of areas that are impacted by water pollution and also the sources of those pollutants.


Where does that water come from? This water faucet intrigued both children and adults. This display proves the point that our water must come from somewhere. Therefore we must conserve from our own faucets.  (The water from this faucet is sent up the tube by a pump, and then back down by gravity). The water faucet display was provided by Northeast Water Conservation District


"More Power to You"



Planetary Solutions

Out of Boulder, Planetary Solutions is a unique company that provides flooring, countertops and other materials for your home and building projects that are made from strictly recycled products. Some of those products that were displayed here are a corkboard floor that has the appearance of a wooden floor and several colors of carpet that both feel and look like traditional carpet.


Recycled Tires

The Colorado School of Mines is conducting research in the recycling of old tires. Piles of tires are not only unsightly but also dangerous to the environment. There are many potential uses for recycled tires such as playground and track surfaces and sound barriers. This exhibit highlighted the research that is currently being performed by the Colorado Advanced Materials Institute in coordination with three Colorado companies.


Motor oil, from sunflowers?

Yep, that's right! Motor oil and other petroleum based products can be made from sunflower seed oil. Great Plains Oil, LLC designed this intriguing display that explains the uses and benefits of their products that are functional and environmentally safe. The process developed by reserachers at Colorado State University is being commercialized by Great Plains Oil through a partnership with Kiowa County Growers.


Corn, America's Renewable Resource

The Colorado Corn Growers Association decorated their exhibit space with only a few of the hundreds of products that can be produced from corn. Some of those products include windshield washer fluid, laundry detergent, packing peanuts and diapers.


Advanced Vehicles

Energy Sense created this display of various models of electric and hybrid-electric automobiles now entering the market and produced by major automakers. A Colorado-produced electric scooter and a sample of advanced vehicle components designed and produced by Unique Mobility, hightlight Colorado's participation in this industry.


Exhibit Room


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