Technology Community- September/October 2001

Colorado to Initiate Urban Environmental Technology Exchange in Vietnam

BOULDER, Co. – Colorado is one of four states that will match its environmental technologies and state expertise to Asian interests under a grant awarded by the Council of State Governments.

The University of Colorado Business Advancement Center has received a $148,465 grant from CSG’s State Environmental Initiative to build a regional platform of urban environmental technologies and best practices for deployment in Hanoi, Vietnam and other Vietnamese cities. The project will be implemented with the Colorado Environmental Business Alliance to develop international relationships and market opportunities for Colorado environmental businesses.

The 15-month project will involve academia, government and business participants from Colorado, Malaysia and Vietnam in a program to explore strategies for planning and infrastructure development that prevent or reduce future pollution and environmental consequences of urban growth and industrial development.

The Hanoi Institute for Socio-Economic Development Studies, will lead participation of other partners such as Vietnam Productivity Centre, Center for Environment Engineering of Towns and Industrial Areas; Center for Environmental Research, Education and Development; and Center for Research and Transfer of Appropriate Technology of Medium and Small Scale.

Greenfields Consulting will coordinate Asian activities to include the experience of Malaysian partners: SIRIM Environmental and Energy Technology Centre, ENSEARCH Environmental Management and Research Association, Institute of Strategic and International Studies, and the Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers. As part of the exchange program, a regional seminar on best practices in urban environmental protection will be held at the Penang Skills Development Centre.

In addition to environmental companies, Colorado will draw on the expertise of the Denver Mayor’s Office of Economic Development and International Trade, Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade, Rocky Mountain Institute, Colorado Renewable Energy Society, University of Denver, and the Sustainable Futures Society.

CU Business Advancement Center at the University of Colorado at Boulder supports technology-based business and economic development in the state. The Colorado Environmental Business Alliance serves the environmental industry with educational programs, international trade opportunities and market development activities.

The State Environmental Initiative is administered by CSG’s State Trends and Research Group for the United States-Asia Environmental Partnership. The US-AEP partnership, sponsored by the United States Agency for International Development, mobilizes U.S. environmental experience, technology and practice to promote the development and adoption of less polluting and more resource efficient products, processes and services in the Asia/Pacific region.

Other SEI 2001 awards will fund Arizona State University to provide technical training and technology transfer in Sri-Lanka; Idaho Department of Commerce to establish a brownfields cleanup process in Malaysia; and the California Air Resources Board to strengthen institutional air quality management capabilities in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

More information about State Environmental Initiatives, including two previous Colorado projects, is available on the Internet at To learn more about the CEBA and the Colorado environmental industry, see Information about the CU Business Advancement Center is located at

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