Evapotranspirative cover for waste containment in arid climate locations

Jorge Zornberg, University of Colorado at Boulder

     The overall abjective of this initiative is to investigate the mechanisms governing the performance of alternative, evapotranspirative cover systems for waste containment applications.  It is expected that this integrated research and education initiative will provide significantr contribution through advancement s in: 1) basic understanding of complex unsaturated flow processes, (2) combines centrifuge and numerical modeling, (3) design of waste cover systems in arid and semi-arid environments, (4) integration of research into engineering education.



Granular Waste Compaction & Recycling

Robert Amme, University of Denver

     R&D is directed at the application of vibrational compaction of granular materials having little value (ashes, soils, recycled concrete wastes, etc) with the aim of producing building materials having high durability and exhibiting physical properties comparable to or better than conventional concrete. 

     We are also investigating means by which compaction and stabilization can be attained for granular materials that have been contaminated by heavy metals &/or radioactive species, thus permitting long-term storage or disposal.