R&D related to uses of granulated scrap tire rubber

Robert Amme, University of Denver 
        R & D is directed at the introduction or enhancement of scrap tire rubber utilization in a variety of products or potential products. Among these are granulated rubber for enhancing playground safety, asphalt rubber for utilization on streets, paths, and highways, and ground rubber mixed with sand & other granular materials for artificial turf enhancements.


 Beneficial reuse of waste tires in civil engineering infrastructure

Jorge Zornberg, CU Boulder

            Tire shreds and tire shred-soil mixtures can be used as alternative backfill material in many geotechnical application.  The reuse of tire shreds may not only address growing environmental and economic concerns, but it may also help solving geotechnical problems associated with low soil shear strength.  In this study, an experimental testing program is undertaken using a large-scale triaxial apparatus with the; goal of evaluating the optimum dosage and aspect ratio of tire shreds witin granular fills.  For a given tire shred content, increasing tire shred aspect ratio lead to increasing overall shear strength, at least for the range of tire shred aspect ratios considered in this study.  The shear strength improvement induced by tire shred inclusions was found tto be sensitive to the applied confining pressure, with large shear strength gains obtained under comparatively low confinement.