In 2016, CU Art Museum staff developed a strategic plan for the years 2017, 2018 and 2019. The information in the Museum Advocacy Materials is drawn from that strategic plan and addresses the following strategic imperatives of the University of Colorado Boulder: Shape Tomorrow’s Leaders, Be the Top University for Innovation, Positively Impact Humanity.

Patrons enjoying an art installation.


We create a university culture that inspires creativity, innovation and original research.

We aim to be an exemplary collecting university art museum that is held in high esteem by our peers.


Improve the accessibility of our collection and exhibitions for CU Boulder students, faculty, staff and the people of Colorado.

By the end of the 2020 academic year, CU Art Museum will:

  • Deepen learning opportunities.
  • Receive accreditation from the American Alliance of Museums.
  • Diversify revenue sources.

Two tango dancers perform in front of a crowd.

Value proposition

CU Art Museum is the only museum in the Boulder area and in the University of Colorado system that collects and preserves artworks from across time and culture. We enable learning opportunities for self-discovery and encourage critical thinking around complex cultural issues. For more information about the other seven collecting museums in the region and how they differ from CUAM, please see Appendix A.

Core values

The CU Art Museum personnel demonstrate the following core values:

  • Excellence: We uphold best practices and model professionalism in the museum field.     
  • Inclusiveness: We represent and engage multiple voices and perspectives in service to our mission.
  • Accessibility: We embrace broad definitions of accessibility with the goal of being welcoming and collaborative.

Core competencies

  • Our personnel are experts in their fields and are committed to academic and professional excellence.
  • We inspire research and teaching by providing direct encounters with artworks.
  • Our agility enables us to engage purposefully with our academic and broader communities in mission-driven partnerships.