Dear CTRC Investigators,

 We are pleased to announce that the CTRC will reopen, in our new location in the Ramaley extension, on Monday August 3, 2020. Please see below for details regarding scheduling, parking, subject check-in and check-out process and COVID related precautions.

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Nikki Leonardo ( We look forward to restarting in our new home and providing the necessary support for your research protocols.


-CTRC hours are M-F 7am to 3:30, the first and third Saturday of the month, with exception to 3day weekends. 

-The scheduling process will remain the same (we are working on a new on-line system to be implemented later in the fall). 

  •    Email your request to, Include participant name/identifier, protocol, date, visit #, Start time and any adjustments to the visit template.

-Each research subject will have a dedicated nurse throughout their enrollment in the a study.

-The cut off time for next day appointments is 2pm the day prior and for Saturdays it is 12pm the Wednesday prior.

-If there is more than one research subject schedule for the day, their appointments will be staggered appropriately to avoid cross exposure and allow any necessary cleaning of protocol rooms between visits.


-The CTRC has 4 dedicated spots in Lot 380, we are not able to accommodate any researcher parking with those spots.

-Your research subjects can enter: Lot 380, Boulder, CO 80309 into google maps for directions to the lot.  For exact directions they can enter the GPS coordinates: 40.0096,-105.2713 

  •    Subjects must park in one of the 4 CTRC signed and numbered spots in Lot 380.

Check in Process:

1.Investigators are asked to meet their research subjects in the parking lot and escort them into the building. We are requesting that once a research subject has parked in Lot 380 they notify a member of the investigative team so that a member of the investigative team can meet the subject at their vehicle.

2.Before entering the building a member of the investigative team must review the standard COVID screening questions with the subject. Research subjects must pass this initial screen prior to entering the building. Reminder, face covering are mandatory on campus and the CTRC.  The CTRC will provide face covering for research subject should they require one.

3.Upon entering the building the investigator and research subject will proceed directly to the nurses station which is located on the first floor (immediately to your right when you enter the building).  CTRC staff will be waiting and will:

a.Confirm that the research subject passed COVID screening.

b.Ask that the research subject sanitize their hands.

c.Take the research subject’s temperature.

d.Receive the parking spot number and direct the investigator to escort the participant directly to their assigned protocol room on the second floor.

Check out Process:

-Research subjects will be asked to sanitize their hands before leaving the building.

-CTRC staff must be notified that a visit is complete.  

-The protocol room and any additional spaces will be appropriately sanitized following the research visit by CTRC staff.

Things to note:

-Only the minimum required research personnel should be onsite for visits.

-Face covering are mandatory for investigators.

Services that are on hold due to COVID-19:

-Resting Metabolic Rate

-Graded Exercise Testing

-VO2 Maximal Testing

If these protocols are absolutely essential and necessary, the research subject must provide evidence of a negative COVID-19 test completed in the 48-hour period prior to CTRC testing and attest that they have self-isolated during the 48 hour period from the time of the test to the CTRC visit.  

We appreciate everyone’s patience over the last few months.

Welcome back!

CTRC Staff


New CTRC Address: 
Clinical Translational Research Center
Ramaley West Expansion
1805  Colorado Ave, RM W107, 324UCB
Boulder, CO 80309

CTRC Parking Lot address:
Lot 380
Boulder, CO 80309


Phone Numbers:



Phone Number



CTRC Main Line

Rings to all staff phones



Melinda McIntyre

Kathy Willet

Laird Wolfe




Farrell, Kathleen



Core Lab

Albert Angiolillo




Leonardo, Nikki



Fax Line





After Hours Pager 






Nikki Leonardo

UCB Administrator 

Clinical and Translational Research Center | University of Colorado Boulder

303 735-2521 | 303 735-1968 Fax | | |

New Grant Info:
CCTSI is supported in part by Colorado CTSA Grant UL1 TR002535 from NIH/NCATS”
Please remember to cite the Grant (UL1 TR002535) in any publications related to usage of CCTSI resources and to register the publications with PubMed Central.  (Previously CTSA Grant UL1 TR001082,  May 2013-Apr. 2018)