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School Safety Partnership Opportunity

We invite you to participate in a unique school safety and violence prevention effort with the Center for the Study and Prevention of Violence at CU Boulder!

We are partnering with 36 Colorado Front Range Middle Schools to deliver the Safe Communities Safe Schools Model. We aim to work in alignment with what schools are already doing rather than functioning as an additional initiative.

We will meet schools where they are in their safety planning process and provide customized tools, resources and strategies, including a Blueprints program of each school's choice, to help meet their prevention and early intervention goals. We will also provide schools with systems to gather real-time data about their school to inform and monitor their efforts.

If your school is interested in participating or if you have any questions about this opportunity, please contact Jody Witt at jody.witt@colorado.edu or 303-492-6404.

To Learn More, Watch This Short Project Overview

Safe Communities Safe Schools video on Vimeo.

Climate Survey

SCSS offers an online climate survey, at cost, to Colorado schools. The survey and related instruments help administrators better understand their school's climate strengths and needs. Learn more about the school climate surveys.


SCSS publications cover a range of topics helpful to safety planning and prevention programming. Guides, fact sheets and newsletters are available online and in print by contacting CSPV.

Regional Trainings

Trainings are open to educators, prevention professionals, and community members involved with safe school planning. Trainings are held in various locations around Colorado and are provided free to attendees from Colorado.

Technical Assistance

Technical assistance is available to all Colorado schools via telephone, email and limited on-site visits in order to help with safe school planning efforts. This technical assistance includes answering research questions, helping create school safety plans, and providing information on evidence-based programs and practices, risk assessment and threat assessment.

Call or email CSPV today to discuss specific technical assistance requests.

Information Sharing

The SCSS model emphasizes information sharing and collaboration between schools and other agencies that work with children. The Colorado Attorney General's Office is actively involved in youth violence prevention. It provides guidance in understanding the laws that govern school safety and interagency cooperation, for example school discipline and information sharing between law enforcement agencies and schools.


Safe2Tell was established in collaboration with SCSS and the Colorado Attorney General's Office as an anonymous method to report concerns about personal or school safety. Safe2Tell is available by phone and online to every student, parent, teacher and community member; trained call-takers gather information and forward to the appropriate school administrators and law enforcement, if appropriate, for follow up. In addition to tips, Safe2Tell focuses on early intervention and prevention through awareness and education on topics such as bullying, suicide, and underage substance use. To report concerns, call Safe2Tell at 1-877-542-SAFE anytime, day or night.

Safe2Tell video on Vimeo.

Bullying Prevention Through Shakespeare

SCSS is collaborating with the Colorado Shakespeare Festival (CSF) in producing an innovative approach to bullying prevention in Colorado schools. The CSF in the Schools troupe toured a shortened performance of Shakespeare's Twelfth Night to over 11,000 students in its first season. The program includes a 50-minute performance, a post-show talk-back with the cast, and three lively classroom workshops immediately afterwards. A discussion of the bullying events in the play sparks dialogue about the cycle of violence and how youth can be empowered to be part of the solution when experiencing problems like bullying that interfere with a healthy learning environment. SCSS provides materials and trainings to actors and schools involved in the program. Read more about Bullying Prevention Through Shakespeare.

Using Shakespeare in Schools to Address Violence video on YouTube from the PBS Newshour.