Tech Support: “You gotta log-in to your CU Boulder, Google account.”

You: “But I did!”

Tech Support:

Here’s the thing…
Google is awesome; it lets you concurrently log into multiple accounts in a single browser window.
Unfortunately, this fantastic feature comes with some overhead; specifically, it now takes additional effort to convince each tab (and its embedded contents) of your chosen identity.

Easiest 'solution'

Visit the calendar url directly:
(you may still be asked to log-in, or you may see the calendar from the perspective of a non- CU Boulder google account)

Second easiest (and more general) solution

  1. Copy the url of the desired webpage (in this case:
  2. Navigate to a tab where you can clearly see that you are logged-into your google account.
  3. Then, open a new tab using keyboard commands (ctrl+t on PC, cmd+t on Mac)
  4. Paste the copied url into that new tab’s address bar
  5. Press the enter/return key on your keyboard
    Boom, magic!
    You’ve explicitly passed your based google credentials to the new tab.


If the above solutions don’t work, please let us know:

PS: If you are browsing in private/incognito mode, you're best bet is to visit the calendar page directly.

PPS: In all cases, once you manage to jump through all the right hoops and are able to view the calendar, add it to your personal, CU Boulder google calendar so that it is always available to you there.
(you'll still need to use the form to add new reservations)

Add your reservation to the calendar!

Make sure that you are logged into your CU Boulder Google Account.

Then, fill out this calendar-connected google form.

Reservations will be reviewed, and may be removed for conflicts, or if inappropriate.

Your reservation will be immediately added to the calendar, but, you will need to refresh this page to see the change.

If you wish to invite users to your reservation, do so by first adding this calendar to your Google Calendars (using the +Google button at bottom right of calendar). Then, send invites as per usual from within Google Calendars.


Conference room location

Duane Physics, Room F-1023