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Traditional Life


Map of Arapaho Areas


Survival and Traditional Economy: Food; Shelter; Clothing; Hide Tanning


A Traditional Game


The Four Stages of Arapaho Life


Teachers Resources, including coloring pages and stories to read


The Autobiography of an Arapaho Woman, born c. 1850.


Spirituality: A Prayer: The Creation Story; Religious Organization


Social Organization: Marriage; Gender Roles


Contemporary Life


Timeline of Recent History


Brief Narrative History of the Arapaho


The Sand Creek Massacre and Spiritual Healing Runs


Then and Now: Recent Changes in Arapaho Life


The Importance of Basketball


Wind River Reservation Economy


Photo Exhibit: Sara Wiles Photos of Wind River


Interviews with Contemporary Arapahos


The Meaning of the Northern Arapaho Flag


Addressing Misconceptions about Native Americans


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)




Simple Arapaho Grammar Description


English-Arapaho Dictionary


Listen to and learn a few basic Arapaho words


Pronunciation of the Language


Progressive Language Lessons, with sound files attached


Stories: Believe it or Not Stories; Trickster Story


History of the Language and its Origins


Music and Dance


Pow-wow: Dances; Costumes; Purpose


Rabbit Dance


Ghost Dance: Costumes; Purpose; More Details (older site)


Contemporary Music: Gospel; Pop (Sand Creek Band)


Music Composition Game


Instruments: Symbolism, Purpose, Drum, Rattle, Air Instruments


Ceremonies: Sun Dance; Peyote Ceremony




Map of Some Important of Northern Arapaho Places


Text-Only Version of the Information on the Map


Additional information on Arapaho Names for Colorado Places (older site)


Plants and Animals


Montane Forest Scene


Shortgrass Prairie Scene


Wetland Scene


Foothills Shrubland Scene


Foothillls Woodland Scene


Foothills Riparian Scene


Text-Only Version of Information in the Scenes



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