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New, 2009:

Read an illustrated story about Strong Bear, an Arapaho folk hero, in English or Arapaho

"Strong Bear Shakes Hands"

Created by Matthew Goss, University of Colorado,
from a story told by Richard Moss.
(Powerpoint Presentation)

The Arapaho Project seeks to give information about the Arapaho Nation, especially
in relation to the state of Colorado. The Arapaho were one of the two principle tribes
formerly occupying eastern and central Colorado (along with the Cheyenne), including
the Front Range urban corridor where the majority of Coloradoans live today.

This site is a cooperative effort of students at the University of Colorado, Boulder
and the Northern Arapaho Tribe, Wind River Reservation, Wyoming.

Major funding was received from the Colorado Endowment for the Humanities to support this project.

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