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The movie "Bambi" has been produced in the Arapaho language?
Anthropologist Stephen Greymorning collaborated with the Arapaho tribe in 1993-94 to produce an Arapaho-language version of Waly Disney's Bambi, using the original animation, but with Arapaho dialogue recorded in place of the English. The video can be purchased from the Wyoming Council for the Humanities. Money from the purchases supports Arapaho language preservation efforts.
John Wayne once spoke Arapaho?
In 1930, John Wayne starred in the movie "The Big Trail," a western about the pioneers on the Oregon Trail. The Indians who attack the wagon train are called Cheyennes in the movie, but in fact, the extras were Arapaho. They can be heard speaking Arapaho at several points, and Wayne himself speaks "Indian" (i.e. Arapaho) at one point to them. Although he didn't learn much Arapaho, he did manage to say "hii3eti'" ('it's good') and a few other words.
The Indians in James Michener's novel Centennial were Arapahos?
Michener's famous novel tells the story of northeastern Colorado, the homeland of the Northern Arapaho people in the nineteenth century.
Mystery writer Margaret Coel specializes in books about the Arapahos and the Wind River Reservation?
Margaret Coel's first mystory novel about the Arapaho was published by University Press of Colorado. She has gone on to write many bestsellers, and more people probably know about the Arapaho through her work than from any other single source.
Many Arapahos love to tell tall tales?

Listen to an Arapaho tall tale, in English, with accompanying digital animation,
by clicking on the bullets to the left. Story told by Richard Moss, animation
by Alan Tenenbaum, Univ. of Colorado.

The Arapahos have their own radio station?
KWRR-FM broadcasts on 89.5 band. It plays a mix of country and western and Native American music. It can be heard throughout much of central Wyoming. The station is supported by the Northern Arapaho tribe, and is based on the Reservation in Ethete, WY. Arapaho language is used on the station at some regularly scheduled times in the morning and evening, especially by DJ "Big Joe" Antelope.

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