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The Arapahoes, Our People, by Virginia Cole Trenholm. University of Oklahoma Press, 1970 (general survey of Arapaho history)

Arapaho Politics, 1851-1978: Symbols in Crises of Authority, by Loretta Fowler. University of Nebraska Press, 1982. (award-winning book on Northern Arapahos, which covers history but focuses especially on social and political organization and Arapaho responses to the huge changes faced by the Tribe in going from nomadic buffalo hunters to reservation dwellers)


Tribal Sovereignty and the Historical Imagination: Cheyenne-Arapaho Politics, by Loretta Fowler. University of Nebraska Press, 2002. (focuses on the Southern Arapahos and Cheyennes, using approach similar to the previous book)

Chief Left Hand, Southern Arapaho, by Margaret Coel. University of Oklahoma Press, 1981. (focuses especially on the Southern Arapaho and the lead-up to the Sand Creek massacre, but with good general history as well)

The Sand Creek Massacre, by Stan Hoig. University of Oklahoma Press, 1961. (one of several books on the subject; a fairly straightforward attempt to examine the events)


General Survey

The Arapaho, by Loretta Fowler. (Indians of North America series). Chelsea House Publishers, 1989.



The Four Hills of Life: Northern Arapaho Knowledge and Life Movement, by Jeffrey Anderson. University of Nebraska Press, 2001. (examines both traditional and modern Arapaho culture, and the continuities and discontinuities between them)


Arapaho Child Life and its Cultural Background, by Inez Hilger. Smithsonian Institution, Bureau of Ethnology, Bulletin 148, 1952. (a study of traditional child life, but also with a much broader cultural perspective)


The Arapaho, by Alfred Kroeber. University of Nebraska Press, 1983. (focuses especially on religion, material culture and their connection)



The Arapaho, by Alfred Kroeber. University of Nebraska Press, 1983. (focuses especially on religion, material culture and their connection)

The Arapaho Sun Dance: The Ceremony of the Offerings Lodge, by George Dorsey. Field Columbian Museum, Publication 75, 1903. (a very detailed survey of the Sun Dance)


The Ghost Dance Religion and Wounded Knee, by James Mooney. Dover Reprints, 1973. Originally published as Burea of Ethnology, 14th Annual Report, 1896. (includes detailed discussion of Arapaho ghost dance, with many songs)


Stories, Literature, etc.


Hinóno'éínoo3ítoono / Arapaho Historical Traditions. Told by Paul Moss. Edited and translated by Andrew Cowell and Alonzo Moss, Sr. Publications of the Algonquian Text Society. Distributed by University of Toronto Press (outside US) and Michigan State University Press (US). (twelve long traditional narratives, presented in both Arapaho and English)


Traditions of the Arapaho, by George Dorsey and Alfred Kroeber. University of Nebraska Press, 1997. (many traditional narratives in English)

  Telling Stories: Arapaho Narrative Traditions, by Andrew Cowell. Wyoming Council for the Humanities, 2001. (Video and/or CD-ROM with accompanying booklet, has three Arapaho stories told by an elder in Arapaho, with English subtitles, plus additional information on Arapaho language and culture) Contact Andrew Cowell to purchase.        

Crazy Man & the Plums. Told by William C'Hair. Painted Pony, Inc., 2005. (a traditional Arapaho story told for children, with illustrations. includes illustration captions in Arapaho, with translations in back of book)


Places and Place Names

Colorado Place Names, by William Bright. Third Edition. Johnson Books, 2004.(lists Colorado place names derived from Arapaho sources. See pp. 8,15,18,36,60,73,81,84,96,109,125,126,129,161,174,175,184,189)
Arapaho Names and Trails, by Oliver W. Toll. Rocky Mountain Nature Association, 2003. (includes account of a 1914 visit by Arapahos, with many Arapaho names of trails and places around Rocky Mountain National Park)
"Arapaho Place Names in Colorado: Form and Function, Language and Culture" by Andrew Cowell. Anthropological Linguistics, Vol. 45 (2003), pp.349-89. (detailed linguistic and cultural analysis of the names provided by Toll, with corrected transcriptions and translations)


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