Social Traditions

Gender Roles

The Arapaho society was very well socially organized.  From the time boys were about 10 to 12 years in age they were separted from the girls and joined the first of many lodges that they would join in their lifetime.  This lodge was known as the Kit Fox Lodge.  While working with elders and learning the ways of life the boys would gain skills and slowly progress to the next lodge.  With each lodge came a different set of ceremonies and rituals for the boys to learn.  As they attained greater skills they were able to move on to the next highest lodge.

8 Lodges total

            -2 for youths, five for men and one for women.


            Kit Fox Lodge

                        Skill and Bravery

            Star Lodge






Men moved from lodge to lodge as they attained greater experience and skills.


            Seven old Women (Medicine Women)

                        Taught embroidery and other handiwork