The Arapaho have gone through a number of changes since acculturation into western society. Their traditional music has felt these changes and as a result, much of their music has branched out into styles that reflect their ever-changing cultural heritage. As contemporary music continues to inundate our country's airwaves, many Native Americans, including the Arapaho, have integrated modern music with their own traditional styles. The Sand Creak Band plays contemporary music. Arapaho music has and will continue to change; where this change will lead only time will tell.

Gospel Music

Gospel Music This link provides sound clips and lyrics to three gospel songs.

Alonzo Moss: Contemporary Gospel Singer This link will take you to a video clip of Alonzo Moss and an interview that gives insight into the ever-changing music of the Arapaho.

Sand Creek Band

Sand Creek Band:(hear them play and learn more about their name)

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