Listen to and watch animated versions of three different Arapaho tall tales (requires Flash Player). They are called "believe it or not" tales in Arapaho because they always end with that phrase. See if you believe them or not.

The man who went hunting for two deer.
By Riley Evans, Univ. of Colorado

The man who hunted with a telescope.

By Michelle Preston, Univ. of Colorado

The man who tried to jump the canyon.

By Tony Bednar, Univ. of Colorado

Many Arapaho tall tales of this sort involve modern technology: one tale tells of a man with a double-barrelled shot gun. He saw two deer standing in two different directions, so he bent the two barrels of the shotgun in those two different directions, pulled the trigger, and got both deer.
Another tells of a time when an airplane ran out of gas. They stopped, sent someone down to a service station, and he came back up with a can of gas so they could go on.

Can you make up your own tall tale like this?