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"You have to be really respectful toward the drum. Don't be careless with it and even with yourself, don't be careless when you have the drum in your presence."

You can leave it by itself but at a powwow a lot of groups hold the universal belief of how to treat the drum. When you're at a powwow you don't leave it sitting by itself. At least one person will stay by the drum at a powwow. It ju st shows the respect for it. It is a tradition. Even within tribe, no one leaves it by itself when it's being used. In the mind and sense it has a soul. Within the tribe, the drum is for everyone. If anyone wants to learn they can. Some groups have a certain person who will hold on to it. Others trade off within the group.

Rattles cannot be understood as one homogenous group-different types of rattles have different functions and sometimes different symbolism.

Whistles are made of wood and decorated with carvings and feathers, and they are symbolic of thunder.


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