Fall River
Arapaho Hetii(i)co'o
Analysis He-tiiico'o


Translation Little Pipe

Notes:jThe 1914 manuscript translates the name as "little pipe." See Big Thompson for more info about pipes. The Indians had a route up this river to the pass and then down to the north fork of the Colorado River. They called it the Dog Trail because dogs were used to pull travois over the trail, especially when the ground was covered with snow. Two poles were harnessed to a dog, with the lower ends dragging on the ground. The poles were connected by sticks or slats, and the load was packed on these. After the Arapaho acquired horses, horse-travois were used. Beaver trappers and early prospectors also used the trail, and a road was built here in 1918. It was extremely steep and was closed after Trail Ridge Road opened.gsdfhgfsdghi}

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