Estes Park
Arapaho Tohkoo'einoo'
Analysis Toh koo'ein-oo'


where circle-it-is
Translation Where it is circular/The Circle

Notes:jThe open park here is one through which the buffalo used to range. This area was considered their personal hunting ground, but they would go over the Continental Divide when they wanted better hunting or a battle with another tribe. Usually they fought with the Utes, the tribe that belonged to the western mountains of Colorado. The 1914 Arapahos seemed to be more familiar with the northern part of Estes Park than the southern part. The Arapaho had spent considerable amounts of time here prior to around 1860, following game further into the mountains during the summer and down to the plains during the winter. After this they left the region, going north to follow the buffalo which had been driven off by the arrival of the white men. The Utes later moved into the area, and many settlers thought that they had always been here.gsdfhgfsdghi}

Estes Park today looking to the east. Lumpy Ridge is visible behind the town.