Past and Present Activity

The Northern Arapaho tribe adapted to many changes as white settlers forced the tribe to assimilate into white culture. Modern Arapahos living on the reservation proudly maintain many Arapaho traditions. However, the forced assimilation caused the Northern Arapaho to adjust many of their traditions to accomodate the expanding white settlers in the region. The sterotype held by many white Americans mold the Arapaho into how the tribe lived during the 1800's. Today, people living on the Northern Arapaho reservation live with many of the modern conveniences Americans enjoy. The tribe adapted their culture to European culture.

Scroll over each picture to see a modern equivalent of each picture. While this activity shows many modern Native Americans assimilated into white culture, the pictures on top show the unique aspect of the Arapaho culture that is not forgotten among tribe members. Arapaho history is important and many Northern Arapahos delicately balance the past with the modern counterpart. This activity does not intend to show that the tribe assimilated into white culture forgetting their past. Instead, this activity illustrates how modern Arapahos combine both elements of the past and present. Northen Arapaho's incorporate both the picture on the top along with the picture underneath into their daily lives.