The Meaning of the Arapaho Flag

By: Lisa Yawakia, Wind River Reservation

A lot of work has gone into the creation of the Arapaho Flag. The colors consist of Red, Black, and White. Red is for the people, the Arapaho. Black is for happiness, so we will be strong and that we do not fear of death. White is for a long life and for representing knowledge to be passed to future generations. The seven strips symbolize the seven ingredients, Seven Medicines of Life, these that are sacred to the Arapaho People. The triangle within the flag signifies that the way one begins is with prayer. The circle inside the triangle is black on the left side, this is to show where the heart is. The right side of the circle is red. This is to show that we are human beings, it stands for our happiness, strength, and our sorrows. There is a white line that divides this circle. This line reminds us that there is a creator and that he made us human beings. The entire circle represents the world as this is the center of our lives.



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