Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where is the Wind River Reservation located? [Map of Arapaho Areas]

Central Wyoming- between the Wind River Range and Owl Creek Mountains

2. How big is the reservation?

2.2 million acres

3. How many people live on the Wind River Reservation?

11.600 people (7400 Northern Arapaho and 4200 Eastern Shoshone)

4. Do any other Native American tribes live on the reservation?

Yes, the Shoshone tribe shares the reservation

5. Are there towns on the Wind River Reservation?

Yes, Riverton is inside the reservation. Lander and Thermopolis border the reservation.

6. Is there a high school on the Wind River Reservation?

Yes, Wyoming Indian High School

7. Can people visit the reservation?


8. What is the government for the reservation?

The General Council is the supreme authority and consists of all adult tribal members eligible to vote. Also, the Northern Arapaho Business Council exercises daily authority over business matters. Finally, the Tribal Court exercises judicial responsibilities.





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