Current Economy

"Nowadays in the 2000’s, 21st Century as they call it, the Northern Arapaho tribe is suffering in the economy level.  We’ve got low economy.  We’ve got hardly any Northern Arapaho’s working to make themselves a little bit more confident, a little bit more self-confident, a little bit more stable as far as an income coming in for my family, to feed them, to clothe them, to have a roof over their house."

The economic conditions for the Northern Arapaho living on the Wind River Reservation are difficult. Poverty and job conditions are worse on the reservation compared to the rest of the country. For every $100 Caucasian Americans make, Native Americans living on reservations make $71. While conditions are slowly improving, opportunities for the Northern Arapaho to raise their standard of living remain low.


Economic conditions for Northern Arapaho living on Reservation

Based on people living on the reservation ~1990 ~2000

% living below the poverty line

47.8% 62.4%
% unemployed 70% 54%
% living off per capita income 67.2% 28%

Per capita income: Money given by the government to each person living on reservation. The money comes from natural resources on reservation land.

What about casinos? Casinos are often a large source of income for many Native American tribes. The Northern Arapaho own a high stakes bingo parlor, but do not operate a casino. Building a casino is currently being discussed by the tribal counsel.

Sources:; Residential and Household Poverty of American Indians on the Wind River Reservation by Judith Antell, Audie Blevins, Katherine Jense, & Garth Massey, University of Wyoming 1999.



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