Popular on reservation for many generations, Basketball, more than any other sport is the passion of the Wind River Reservation. While football is rare and baseball is almost unheard of basketball continues to spark the largest interest in high school sports. Every other sport, even the track and cross country teams are primarily geared toward getting in shape for basketball.

The Wind River men’s basketball teams have won recent state championships and have a winning history that dates back as early as the 1960’s. The women’s basketball program has also won the championship in 2002 &2003 proving that the Wind River basketball program continues to dominate the realm of Wyoming basketball.

While the future of the basketball stars of the high school depends most on their academic achievement, basketball is viewed as a favorable way to ensure that the players continue their education and maintain adequate grades throughout high school.

Some of the younger members of the tribe attend other neighboring high schools and become dominant players at their respective schools. To this day there remains a strong movement of young Indians away from the reservation which can be traced back to the earliest days of Native Americans being forced to attend boarding schools.

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