Lesson Seven - Part Two
Giving Commands




The imperative is used to give commands. Notice that even though the verb stands alone, without prefixes, it is always in the shortened form.


Play bééne-noo I am drinking
Play béne drink!
Play béne-' (you pl) drink!



TI verbs:


Play noohóot-oo see it!
Play to'óot-oo strike it!
Play wo3ónoh-oo write it!
Play noohóot-owu' see it! (you pl)
Play wo3ónoh-ówu' write it! (you pl)


To tell someone not to do something, you add the prefix ciibeh-.


Play ciibéh-béne don't drink!
Play ciibéh-to'óot-oo don't strike it!


To summarize: AI imperatives lose their ending, but the plural ends in -' (glottal stop). TI imperatives end in -oo, with plurals ending in -owu'.



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