Lesson Five - Part Three
Details on Negatives


When you have a negative, the h- at the beginning of the verb also disappears with all persons. Some people, in this case, will not use the shortened form of the verb, but will keep the initial change form, even though there is a prefix.


Play  heesnee-noo ‘I’m hungry’
Play  neihoow-(e)esnee ‘I’m not hungry’
Play  heihoow-(e)esnee ‘you’re not hungry’
Play  hoow-(e)esnee ‘s/he’s not hungry’


Once again, when the verb begins with hi-, vowel harmony gets involved:


Play  hiinono’eini-noo ‘I’m Arapaho’
Play  neihoowu-unono’ein ‘I’m not Arapaho’’
Play  heihoowu-unono’ein ‘you’re not Arapaho’
Play  hoowu-unono’ein ‘s/he’s not Arapaho’


In summary, remember that when a verb starts with h-, you have to pay special attention to it, and when it starts with hi-, you have to pay extra special attention.



Exercises for Lesson Five